PDMKK Sydney: The way, the truth and the life

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Sehubung dengan adanya acara PD pada Sabtu ini, kami memperbaharui detail untuk acara PD di minggu ini.

Berikut detail acaranya:
Judul PD: The Way, The Truth and The Life
Speaker: Tafara Jokopo
Blurb: This is a familiar verse amongst Christians but what does it really mean?

In this talk, we will reiterate the simplicity and radical nature of Christ’s call to follow him on ‘The Way’. We will explore the common dangers and pitfalls which can lead us into false forms of worship as opposed to the true worship of Jesus Christ.

With help from the Saints and the teachings of Jesus Christ – we will learn the ‘truths’ of the faith that will help us in leading the ‘life’ we’ve been called into as Christians.

Hari/tanggal: Saturday, 23 April 2022
Pukul: 17.00
Venue: Jubilee Hall (Corner of Kensington Road & Grosvenor Street, Kensington)
Contact Person: Anthony (0433 468 974)